ONSEAdapta is an interdisciplinary network of national and international researchers who develop research on different themes.

Water Security

Water security is one of the most significant national challenges, considering its multiple dimensions concerning the economy, society, climate, and ecosystems, in addition to infrastructure.

Research topics

Scientific units:

Discover the 17 scientific divisions of the ONSEADApta project.

Citizen science

Considering Citizen Science and the various interfaces in Water Security and Adaptive Management, a mobile application aims to collect data for monitoring and real-time alerts.

Social technologies

Social technology initiatives for rainwater harvesting as a way to support overcoming primary water security challenges.

Resilience and disasters

Access to practical information related to climate risk assessment to support public planning policies.


Scientific unit

The starting point for this component is the assumption that audiences have a wealth of experiences with water and disasters, which need to outcrop and become a living matter for the work.


Scientific unit

Large-scale integrated modeling and monitoring approach aimed at understanding water security nationally and continentally, emphasizing water security risk posed by climate change and increased water demand.


scientific unit

Integrated monitoring and modeling of watersheds and reservoirs.

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The approval of these INCTs promotes the expansion of strategic themes for the country, such as food security, low-carbon agriculture, health, gender inequalities and violence, artificial intelligence, and nanopharmaceuticals.

The 58 new INCTs will be present in every country’s region, with approximately 30% of the available funds going to INCTs based in the North, Northeast, and Midwest regions.

Large long-term research projects in national and international scientific cooperation networks characterize the INCT Program. Moreover, those cooperations must corroborate with these projects’ scientific impact and human resources development. Each of the 104 INCTs currently running works on themes from different areas of knowledge. The initiative involves thousands of researchers and fellows in complex topics in other laboratories and centers, part of the research networks.

Also noteworthy in this Program is the participation of institutional partners at the federal and state levels through the State and Federal District Research Support Foundations.


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